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. >>> so if you weren't a ramones fan what is it? justin bieber? >> i'm not appreciate of his style. we'll talk about that later in the show, too. >> all right. >>> gold sparkles and getting a beer in tough times. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, who came out on top, so to speak, in an online poll choosing the worst dressed man in show business? >>> three teams punched their tickets to the postseason had a rough ride for a rough rider. >>> you're watching "early today." >>> good morning, and welcome back to "early today." i'm veronica de la cruz. here are some of your top headlines this morning -- former president jimmy carter is expected to resume his book tour today after spending the night in a cleveland, ohio, hospital with an upset stomach. medical officials say the decision to admit him was purely precautionary, and carter, who received a call from president obama, was fully alert and resting comfortably. >>> an appeals court is allowing federal funding of embryonic stem cell research to continue pending a full appeal. yesterday the u.s. court of
to be that kind of week. we have the highlights in a bit. >>> first, let's check in with justin. >> take a deep breath and relax. take in the fresh air. we have a look outside right now. this is showing a little bit of the early morning light. it's 62 degrees in north baltimore city. it's 59 in westminister and hanging in the 60s near around and across the shore. we will get our seasonable levels of a guaranteed high of 78. right now, we have kim with traffic. >> thank you, justin, you are going to find traffic a little sluggish as you are approaching willkins avenue. 795 is a little slow as you are heading to the beltway. but, again, we are incident free. there is some slowing down on hartford road, and we will get a check on the travel times in just a few minutes. >>> justin? >> funeral services will be held on wednesday at noon for a freshman that was killed on friday night. >>> linda? >> reporter: a crisis team will be on hand this morning to help fellow students with the loss of joey d'entremont. friends left flour -- flowers and emotional notes of the 14 year old freshman and football p
the morning and also the afternoon. so speaking of ocean city, let's head there right now with justin berk. he can tell us the current conditions that's going on. what do you have for us, justin? >> temperatures in the mid- 70s. i'll use my hand held anemometer. that is a steady wind with a gradual increase. when we first started the broadcast, we were averaging 10 to 11 mile-per-hour winds. that is a sign there is a storm approaching, and as the pressure gradient gets tight, we'll see the winds continue to increase here. so we'll keep this held up. we're starting to see the lights swing and water proof protection around our camera beginning to flap. if you notice we've got our rain gear on. we have just had a little bit of rain coming up. now it looks like i'm wimping out because jack, you are on your way home today with no rain gear. >> yeah. >> why are you out here? >> we wanted to see how bad the waves were. >> what do you? i. >> not too bad. >> where are you from? >> clifton park, new york. >> yankee fan? >> no. >> that'll make them happy back home. your mom said you were going to be lea
. >>> tte 11 best days of summer are wrapping up. justin bieber concert sold out in seconds and had folks in line for hours to get in. joel d smith is live in timonium %-day.hat is left in this final oh my goodness, justin bieber it was the concert of the cennury. >> at least in the last few years, i donnt know. century says a lot but for those tween eass thht love to go, they were in line forever and i'm sure they're in a bit of a bieber fever remission. last night it was all about scheming and yelling. >> in line some of them for more than 8 hours, some of them overnight just to get wrist bands to get access to good seats. %-sang and screamed the night ay to justin biebbr's 90 minutes that packed the infield here at timonium last ight. it was 10,000 screaming teens. at one point the justin bieber stopped the song in the middle and toll the crowd the steps are collapsing and step back. it was a scenario to get people to get wrist bands to allow them in later. a lot of people were pushhng to get inside. it wws an excitement level that was there. whether you like justin bieber's music or
're showing you video behind the scenes before 4:00 this morning with joce and justin. we have the active earl. check out the web site, up-to- the-minute news on our home page and everything you need to know. just go to the weather tab and click on the hurricane center. stay with abc 2 news as more earl moves up the east coast. join us today for abc 2 news at 5:00 and 6:00 with live reports on ocean city with more tonight at 11:00. meggen? >>> it is 6:35 right now. more americans are planning to head out of town for the labor day weekend than a year ago. what remains to be seen is the big question. aaa expects 34 million people to travel at least 50 miles from their home up nearly 10% before 2009. so where are most people from baltimore headed? aaa conducted a survey. the most popular driving destinations are new york city, virginia beach, atlantic city, ocean city and philadelphia. the hurricane with that being a concern, some people at the last minute are changing their plans. >>> megan, traffic is looking good. as we take a peek right now at our drive times it will be in the green on the
to say, hey, i love you, and i am going to fight for you. >> justin and frank raised close to $11,000. outstanding. we want to invite you to komen's race for the cure. it starts at 7:00 in the morning, and it will continue through 9:00. click on the life style tab on, and click on think pink. >> good morning, it's monday, and you will notice some breeze outside today. now, it's passing well offshore. it's east of where earl was, and because of how large that storm once was, it's now, passing to the northeast of bermuda. there is a 5 to 18-mile breeze out there. >>> we will show you where igor is in a couple of minutes. >>> but the hour by hour forecast -- >> justin, we have some impact occurring, but it should didn't cause any delay. between the beltway, as you are coming to the fort mchenry toll plaza. >>> there is a little bit of a minor delay on the capital beltway. >> keep an eye out on the credit card fees. and you will want to look at your statements now. >>> 101 year old postal work speaks about the secret to his long life. >> bob ehrlich pretends to be for the wor
, including the weekend that hundreds of maryland and teenagers have been waiting for, justin bieber at the maryland state fair. >> the final roster at reagan's camp. one player can feel better about job security. >> all eyes are on a cold front coming in from that mountains. right now, temperatures are starting to warm as the sun returns. returns. >> many you have heard of justin bieber. he will be performing at the maryland state fair. tickets sold out in 18 minutes. one very lucky young lady won tickets to the concert. she is excited. >> you are going to meet him? >> yes. >> what are you going to say? >> i don't know. hi, and i like your music. >> she is not going to tell you. share your photos and cellphone videos with us. we will be happy to show your pictures and video on 11 news. >> i would not know what to say to him, either. >> hey, justin, how is it going? i would guess he is tutored. >> that storms date for enough of the coast to leave us alone. we are in for a great labor day weekend. >> 91 degrees today at the inner harbor, and not one again, but not record territory. 97
effect you. >> we are going to head back and check back with justin buck and foond out how this compared to the others in the area. >> >> o >> >> >> welcome back. we have the extended live. thank goodness, they got everybody back in, or they would be off in the outer banks. >> hi, jamie, and good morning to you. it looks like people are going to be able to fly before long. it looks like it is going to whether the challengeover clear -- chance of clear skies this morning. the size of this was at the size of a baseball hat, and they have now downgraded the hurricane, and now it is to hurricane 2. here in this area, the lighting are still on, and it is a big relief, and they are able to come back to a beach on a holiday weekend that doesn't look like, or seem to be a bad beach for the holiday weekend. >> are they able to come back and enjoy the wiekd? >> that'ses the hopes of everyone involved. >> we have heard from the officials, public pushes, hurricane officials, everyone from everyone. they all hope that this works out. everyone else besides the media has left, and they hope that every
. meteorologist justin burke with our forecast for today. >> reporter: on the last day of summer, temperatures reached 90 degrees. tying the all time top count. happy fall to all. it is a morning that features a little bit of fog. it took down trees in baltimore county, and a nasty storm came right along route 50 all the way near croftton. temperatures in arnold 67, 63 toward westminister. not much of a spread this morning, but we have areas of fog. what appears to be a developing thunderstorm just west of hagerstown. otherwise we expect a dry morning. isolated thunderstorms, with a guaranteed high of '88. could reach 90 in backyards. here's kim brown. good morning. >>> hey justin, good morning, everyone. we have another accident reported up in perryville in harper county. police are also still working an accident at the baltimore county line on the eastbound lanes of route 40. right now looking at our drive times however, no problems around the beltway. looking good from bel air to providence. 95 southbound. traffic starting to build slightly. a four minute ride from white marsh on down. we c
teacher and shirt that says beiber fever. >> reporter: beiber fever as in wild for teen heartthrob justin beiber who will be performing in this state tomorrow night. in april, 12,000 tickets sold out in 18 minutes at 47.50 a pop. though some are available online and now you have to shell out double or triple that. fair organizers say it's a phenomenon they've never seen resulting in a huge economic boost not only for vendors but for the entire state. >> food and travel, i think that's great. >> reporter: if you don't have beiber fever or you don't know who justin beiber is don't feel bad because you're not alone. >> do you have beiber fever. >> what's beiber fever. >> do you know who justin beiber is. >> is that that little kid. >> reporter: that so called little kid from canada has been an international chart stopper than r & b star usher found his videos on you tube. three years ago, the 16-year- old posted several clips which quickly wracked up millions of the hits. >> like baby, baby. >> even david letterman gives him shout outs. >> all right who wants justin beiber tickets. >> report
at at them. the prankster was justin bieber. >> they obtained video of the incident. that is before in the sold-out concert in the of not heard the name justin bieber, just ask any teenager in see what happens but if he is not charged with a crime. he is accused with a criminal act. we have the very latest. >> the state troopers were working crowd control for the singer before his show. the video was shot on the cellphone of a police officer who was also backstage. according to police, the video is a teenager singing sensation before his state fair performance. he ran up to a maryland state trooper and threw a water volume. two troopers were hit by balloons. indeed video, you can hear someone saying "you are going to get locked up." they are still gathering information about the incident. no charges have been filed. the lopper forcers the second to greet assault charges are possible but not likely. >> it anybody, a celebrity or otherwise, there is a water balloon at a police officer they are probably in for some real talking to and several yelling at. i would be surprised if they we
songs. >> we love justin bieber! >> somebody to love, that's your favorite song too, right? >> uh, yeah. >> fans were given wristbands so they'd be allowed in at different times. if you haven't guessed, the concert was a complete sell-out. >> what do you call it? detail guys, uh, what do you call them? >> security. >> yeah, security. play the password are in. 55 security people around him. >> probably needed it. >> that's unbelievable. >> teenage girls can be crazy. >> when he's 35. >>> all right: coming up next: you can find a roommate , sell a couch, get tickets to the justin bieber concert all on the same site. >> we're talking about craigslist. now there's one thing you can't do on the website. we'll tell you about it. >>> late at night, watching tv, see the p90x video. it seems like a great deal, but is it? >>> american idol was looking for one judge a few months ago, now they may need to replace three. the latest for the search on idol. >>. >>> if you send us a resume with a microsoft word attachment, we call you to come in and tape a 20-second video pitch. we'll put it on air and
>> coming up, the latest on tropical storm earl. >> and early voting. >> and justin bieber's show at the state fair. "11 news saturday morning" starts now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm deborah weiner. >> earl is now a tropical storm, but it is still packing a punch. >> a weakening but still powerful storm, the path with heavy wind and rains. the vacation island received the brunt of the storm. heavy rains and hurricane-gust wind force hit the coast. many took cover once the heavy rain bands moved in. in chadam, the threat of earl was president enough to stop this couple from saying "i do." >> it will always be memorable, that's for sure. it has given us plenty of challenges, but nothing is stopping us. >> lasting memories for each other and their special day shared with hurricane earl. the eye of the storm stayed far off shore but close enough to bring driving wind and rain to the barrier islands. on new york's long island, powerful waves and rip currents created dangerous waves at
hour, the one and only just in -- justin bieber will be on that stage. some are already lined up to get their spot in from the stage. this concert is sold out. fans lined up early this morning to get their hands on the elusive tickets. 16-year-old justin has captured the hearts of his fans. we asked this curve of grilled what they would ask him if they were backstage. >> how do you have such good looks? >> i would ask him to marry me. >> i would give him my number. >> he has his hair, his talent, his smile, his eyes. yeah. >> i think it is amazing. a lot of parents were out this morning standing in line. i hope our daughters appreciate this. >> he seems to be a nice guy with a good message. >> fans continue to stream into the fair grounds wearing their bieber gear. this is going to be a very crowded night at the fair. if you have a ticket and are not here yet, good luck. you not be able to get a good seat. every few minutes we see a group of girls just rent from the ticket line all the way to the infield. it is a very exciting that the maryland state fair with justin bieber. one of the
. >> that storm that was the justin bieber concert blew into the state fair last night. >> deborah weiner has more. >> this pretty much says it all, the frantic race to secure the best possible view of the teenage sensation. >> we love you, justin! >> some people waited in line for hours. >> parents were standing in line for wrist bands. >> just listen to how george lettuce tried to break down the fever. >> i am excited. >> can you breeze right now? >> no. >> tell me you're excited level right now. >> he sings about may. >> you? >> he sings to me -- he sings about it me. >> the pop star is seeking to a lot of merchants, to. >> it will pick up actually and bring it back to work because he has helped us a lot. >> there is some connection between this and $7 turkey legs. >> we're selling a lot of turkey legs. >> do not over think it. just remember this. >> he is talented and he is smart and he is hot. >> deborah weiner, wbal-tv 11 news. >> justin bieber turkey legs go hand in hand. if you went, you can share your pictures with us. today is the last day of this year's fair. be sure to send us your far
. the school has a homeland security signature program. >> still to come, cell phone video of justin bieber trade did he break the log? the police are asking more questions. >> it is purple friday and these fans are ready for a super bowl. live reports, coming up. >> can the ravens really pass the ball? he is key to getting that done. " it is football time and it is feeling like a fall outside. i will break it down for you, coming up. 74 degrees, downtown. i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland is in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago. dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget -- honestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellent schools -- everywhere. protect the bay -- finally. it's why i'm running. to make the state we love not just good but great. now let's get down to work. the >> we have an update on this story we broke yesterday. 11 news has obtained a video of the water below an incident involving justin bieber and two state troopers. state police say that t
. we will have a small chance of a late day shower or thunderstorm >> justin, 95 southbound, it's starting to flow between the beltway and the 895 split. you are going to see some heavy traffic through bel air and providence. we are at a crawl here as you are heading towards i-70. >>> if you look at the drive times, on the jfx, you are not going to have any problems on the north parkway and john paul exit. now, we have a couple of accidents to let you know about. one in baltimore city, bel air road, and franklin avenue. and we are dealing with a serious incident 70 westbound, and overturn tractor trailer and it continues to block to two right lanes, but the left lane is open. >> you see someone driving down the belt way and they are swerving, they are in and out of the lanes, and you pull up to see what is going on, and they are on the cell phone. >> this couple lost their daughter back in 2008. and heather was heading to meet her wedding planner when she was killed. listen to these numbers. last year, more than 5,000 people died on the roads. more than half a million were injur
chance of showers. >>> let's check on the traffic. justin we have a disabled vehicle blocking one of the toll lanes. fortunately, traffic is moving around that without any problems. >>> around the beltway, you are going to see traffic building at an early hour. jammed near liberty road to the outer loops, you will want to keep that in mind. >>> we are looking at 70 westbound and woodbine road, a tractor trailer is blocking the two right lanes, the left lane is open, but keep that open as you are driving through. >>> as we check the drive times, northbound 95 no problems or delays up to 300 and i-95. 370 to route 2, that's going to take you about 10 minutes. once you make it past the loop and the interchange, it will only take you 6 minutes to get to i-95. >> >> you fit with the money man, dale? >> good morning. >> you are going to make some money this afternoon. >> margo who has called in says you have been counting the 2010 stocks. you have done well, but what about 2011. >> margo, thank you for taking my advice. a few things some of the high yearly dividends have done well, and
and in just minutes, justin bieber is performing for some big fans in maryland. we're live at the state fairgrounds. derek valcourt, i can only imagine you've been surrounded by screaming teen girls. >> reporter: let me set the scene, some of the kids are on their way into the concert, beyond the fence, you can see the lines of people filing in to see the concert, it's been a chaotic day at the fairgrounds and fans, let's say, they're beyond excited that the concert is going to start at 7:00. >> i'm in love with justin bieber. >> he's so cute. >> he's gorgeous and his voice is like -- >> he's so talented. >> reporter: for get bieber fever, it's pandemonium, as 12,000 screaming girls lined up at 11:00 last night waiting to be the first in the gate to see him. >> i hope he sees this, i love him. >> reporter: some paid triple the original prices than online. he's a teen heartthrob, many of the parents are grinning and baring it. >> it's one of those labors of parenthood. the crowd's so big, that the traffic is a mess. the light rail is operating every 30 minutes. >> we were able to pull up
. oh, my goodness. >>> now here's a look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. justin timberlake might be starring in the new movie "the social network." of facebook, justin timberlake says i don't care about my friend's feelings. they can call me and tell me. >>> in an interview with "rolling stone" president obama says his ipod has about 2,000 songs on it, including stevie wonder, bob dillon and the rolling stones. >>> an online poll has named russell brand as the worst dressed man in showbis, followed in second place by teen heart throb justin beber. >>> confirmation that gweneth paltro will be the latest star on the show, they're worried too many stars will prove to be the show's undoing. >>> justin said, quote, i have a girlfriend who is far prettier than i should have. what a cute couple they are. congratulations to them. >> they call that marrying up, right? >> no. he's funny. he's a funny guy. i would say it's equal. >> okay. good. >>> this comes from cranson, rhode island, where anxious family and friends could hardly wait for a special reunion. members of the
silent on its future plans. >>> and bieber fever officially hit maryland. justin bieber performed on a sold-out crowd tonight. when asked what they would say to the star, here is what they would ask. >> how do you have such good looks? >> i would ask him to marry me. >> i would give him my number. >> yeah, me too! >> justin's presence inspired one farmer at the fair, too. check this out. his cow had a baby at the fair today, so of course, he named it justin. >> if you are justin bieber, all can you say is thank you. >> he is soaking it up at the state fair. >> yeah, it's going to be a great one if you are headed out that way, so don't worry about the weather causing problems with your labor day, because it will not be an issue for tomorrow. a beautiful sunday night, a holiday weekend and a lot of folks sitting back and taking it easy, going, you know, one more day. and then it's all back to work and all back to school, kids. yes, indeed, you will not be up this late next sunday night. 78 degrees, the current temperature in washington. 52 is the dew point. a light breeze out of the
to you. >> we are covering the power of this massive storm. we're staying live in ocean city with justin berk. the worst of it, time it out for us, justin. >> all right, jamie, i don't want anyone to wake up and think it's completely done and it was blown out of proportion. of course linda talked about the storm weakening. high today we already had that between 2:00 and 4:00 this morning. as we're standing on the boardwalk, our feet are dry, all right? that's good. there is proof for you. we have a mobile unit and can highlight that you can see this. here in ocean city, the temperature is about 75, 76 degrees. look at those outer rain bands. we're just on the edge of it. occasionally we get a little bit of rain. the last band they came through was just light rain. about five, ten minutes ago what it had done was really kick up those winds. we're looking at the latest conditions right now, which are highlighting winds at our nearby weather station averaging about 10 to 15 miles per hour. you can see this right there at the bottom of that little window, a northeast gust at 23. that really
right, meteorologist justin berk ran to virginia beach. lynette charles has our beautiful weather today. >> absolutely spectacular. it'll continue for the next several days as well. there is change in the forecast, but in the meantime, a lovely labor day is in store for you. ample sunshine will continue and then we'll start to warm things back up into the middle of the week. then we'll cool things back down by the end of the week. we do have a little bit of a roller coaster ride. strap yourself in. maryland's most powerful radar looks good today. when we're dry you see all the sweet stuff. no matter where you're going, you're going to stay dry. you'll see lots of sunshine. you want the sunscreen, the shades for today as well. we're at 63 degrees and the humidity's at 60%. the dew point's at 49. not too bad and feels like 63 with the winds out of the north, northeast at about 5 miles an hour. temperatures right now, we're a little coolish, especially heading over the border into pennsylvania, 46 degrees there, we're at 59 degrees into baltimore right now, easton coming in at 55 and 55 in
'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us. justin is headed down there to check everything out as we keep an eye on earl. >> the hard thing is if you have a place down there, you wonder ooh. >> earl is down to a category 3. i want to make one point clear. the most common question i've had so far this week, i want to answer. this is not isabelle. by any stretch of the imagination, a completely different storm. isabelle chugged inland, pushed surge up the bay. this one stays out to sea. around the bay and baltimore, not much of an impact, a close pass on the east coast, already watches and warnings posted for virginia through north carolina, and we'll be watching our close approach to ocean city thursday night and friday. beyond that labor day weekend looking cooler but looking nice. here we go. tropical satellite showing us where it is, east of the turks and northeast of the turks and caicos and bahamas islands. we'll have the latest update in just a few minutes. taking you back home, a quiet sea, clearing and calm on the satellite and radar, across maryland. temperatures ranging from 70 i
thing she always does when checking in -- keep the car running. >>> tonight, jimmy welcomed justin timberlake and belle and sebastian. that's 11:35 central time on your local nbc station. >>> all right, time now for your first look at entertainment news. justin timberlake may be starring in the new facebook movie "the social network," but it doesn't mean he's in to facebook himself. he said, i don't care about my friends' feelings, they can call me and tell me. >>> do you ever wonder what the president grooves to. in an interview with rolling stone, obama says his ipod has about 2,000 songs on it, including stevie wonder, bob dillon, and the rolling stones. >>> an on-line poll has named russell brand is the worst dressed man in show biz followed in second place by teen heartthrob, justin bieber. >>> confirmation gwyneth paltrow will be on "glee," fans of the show who call themselves "gleeks" are worrying that the star trend will be the show's undoing. >>> seth rogen is getting married to his girlfriend who said, quote, i have a girl friend far prettier than i should have. i think j
car. >>> no tornadoes here but the weather was wild. a lot of heavy rain and it came quickly. justin berk joins us with more. hey, justin. >> i expected it to be scattered showers and real rain rolling in around dark. coming in four or five hours early means it left early. the ground's still wet and the skies cleared out around the immediate baltimore area. clouds in the harrah ford zone up towards pa. we may filter moore clouds back into the picture. we're down to 66 in baltimore. 70 right now in easton and 73 in ocean city. still have to transition the slightly cooler, drier air into the region. we may still hold into the 80s as we go for our hour by hour forecast. a sunny to partly and mostly cloudy sky at times. the skies will be changeable and we should remain dry with the two degree guaranteed high. right now, let's see what's happening on those roads with kim brown. >> reporter: justin, all the way from the pa state line on the harrisburg expressway and even the 95 corridor as you make your way towards the capital beltway, we are incident free as we look right now at our maps
, the wait is almost over. justin bieber finally makes his way to the maryland state fair tomorrow and how excited are his fans? we'll give you a peek. some organizations in baltimore took the day to recognize an islamic holiday and help the needy find out what they did. and the annual homecoming festival brought many people together this afternoon, we'll tell you why after the break. >> smack-dab in the middle of the labor day holiday week, the last big weekend of summertime, and we've got plenty of sunshine in the forecast and it's coming up. stick around. clear skies right now at b.w.i. clear skies right now at b.w.i. marshall and the temperature >> this weekend represents the historic pennsylvania avenue homecoming festival. it kicked off yesterday and continues through the labor day weekend. the theme is celebrate, educate, participate. always a favorite is the cadillac parade with a combination of marching bands, floats and vintage cars. tomorrow the festival will have a faith based focus. and the annual day of dignity took place today. the muslim community of baltimore together with
is expected to unveil proposals to spur job growth in the coming weeks. speaking of work, justin bieber will be working the maryland crowd this weekend. he will perform this sunday, which means bieber fever has already begun. >> how popular is justin bieber? tickets for his concert here at the state fair sunday night sold out in 18 minutes. 16-year-old justin bieber is the newest heartthrob. the canadian-born singer was discovered at age 14 on youtube. his debut single charted in the top 30 in over 10 countries. he will perform at the state fair sunday night, and at the air today, there is already excitement. just mention his name, and his fans will tell you -- >> i like his songs. >> you are a big fan chris amar >> yes, he is a really good singer. -- you are a big fan? >> he does not disappoint his fans. >> 8-year-old grace performed one of his songs for us today. but we try to talk to her, we discovered she has what many of you ladies will identify with, a brother. >> is awesome. >> can you imitate one of his songs? here is the big winner, 11-year- old jacqueline sutt, who won tickets
. and the storm that was the justin bieber concert blew into town today, and it was a powerful punch. >> this says it all the the frantic race to secure the best possible view to see the teen sensation. who has taken the state fair to a whole new place. >> we love you justin. >> some waited in line for hours for the with band to guarantee a spot. >> a lot of parents were standing in line this morning for wrist bands. >> listen to how 11 news reporter george lettis tries to break down bieber fever. >> i am excited a lot. >> can you breathe right now? >> no. >> tell me your excitement level right now. >> we are pumped. >> he sings about me. >> how do you know that? >> because he sings to me. ♪ >> the canadian-born pop star is singing to a lot of local merchants, too. >> it has been a great day already. we are already a little behind. i have to pick it up and get back to work. >> he has helped ause lot. >> apparently there is some connection between this and $7 turkey legs. >> we are selling a lot of turkey legs. >> justin bieber! >> don't overthink it. just remember this. >> he's talented, he is s
'm jamie costello. >> let's go right to weather. here's meteorologist justin berk. >> we are checking out the latest on earl. earl has gotten stronger. it really increased strength yesterday. it surpassed that. this morning's advisory from the national hurricane center, showing 145 mile-per-hour winds. a very clear distinct eye now. roughly 30 miles across. the wind field of tropical storm force winds extends 230 miles away. which means if the center of the storm is 230 miles away from ocean city, they'll still get tropical storm force winds. the one good thing here is that the passage of earl off the coast will be the weaker side of the storm. usually the right side with forward motion. the worst part of the storm is out to sea. the beaches under a tropical storm warning. winds averaging between 40 and 60 miles per hour this time tomorrow into the early part of the afternoon. waves probably 10 to 20 feet. we'll be standing there live from ocean city. coastal flood advisory, not from weather, at the bottom of the screen you see winds averaging 9 or 10 miles per hour. really the impact's n
that have justin bieber fever. >> first, a live picture. colscozz has your insta-weather plus forecast ne >> take a look at our radar satellite combination. a few showers up along lake eerie and lake ontario. a few remnant showers passing through the area. and of course we have earl pulling away from cape cod right now. earl is now a tropical storm. 70 mile an hour winds headed for the mayor fime provinces of canada leaving in its wake its churned up beaches along maryland, delaware, and virginia and down into the outer banks. and of course, up around cape cod, too. they will be a little rip tide during the day today. so the high rip risk for dangerous rip currents. other than that, nice weather. pretty quiet. let's look at what's going on outside now. the sun is beginning to show up. we have generally clear skies. 72 at the inner harbor. humidity is down. barometer down but rising. the barometer is so far down because that hurricane is still nearby, relatively speaking. 600 miles away or something like that. temperatures in the yellows. they are right around the coastal areas and in the
farther to the east, this is the squall line justin was talking about earlier that he said he could see offshore in the distance. we're waiting to see if this makes its way in or if we get that before that comes in here. heavier rain across the area. we'll keep our eyes on the lookout for that. here's hurricane earl and the 105 sustained winds moving to the north-northeast at 16 miles per hour. the difference is now that 169 miles, because it is moving, that's getting knocked down some. south-southeast of ocean city, maryland, and it is a category 2. so we're looking at the wind field here. once again, we are talking about a tropical storm. this is starting to slide up, like you said, heading up into new england. so wear looking good as we head into 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon. we should be out of the woods as of then. so we can really enjoy the weekend that's going to be coming up. check out this beauty here. let me get out of the way so you can see a hurricane 3d scan. this is what it looked like yesterday. so we're flying up and over looking down to the eye. yesterday we could see into
. stay with us throughout the hour, back to you. >> thanks, justin. >> the rain is one thing, flooding is another. we are dealing with a soaker. that could mean wet basements and power out ans. >> live in middle river -- >> reporter: the rain is really coming down out here, megan. it has picked up in the last 30 minutes. we are here on eastern boulevard in middle river. take a look at the roads. it is really coming down. you can see puddles and high standing water along here. this is what drivers are having to deal with. take a look at this. you might want to slow it down a bit. as you head out, today, you want to allow yourself extra time, all along eastern boulevard. we have seen puddles and standing water like this. there is also signs to warn drivers, but you really want to take it easy because you don't want to hydro plane. watch the stop lights. as you approach the stop lights, we have seen some power outages, be careful. be aware of your surroundings. be careful of fallen trees and power lines. you would want to swerve to avoid them. this is the scene in middle river, up and dow
days of your life. actor will smith's daughter is taking up the family business and justin bieber is the twitter king. let's get more scoop from courtney hazlett. >> i love how justin bieber makes you smile. >> it's like -- baby, baby, baby. >> your average google search takes about nine second. type in what you're looking for and it takes about nine seconds to get your results. google unrolled this new method of search that auto fills as you types. guessing what it is you're actually looking for. funny experiment that was pointed out to me earlier just to show what it does, for example, if you want to type in the word wear and then the letter d. the first thing that comes up is where does justin bieber live? a lot of people looking for justin bieber followed only by where does oil come from. these are the two big things on people's minds. but supposed to save about two hours of your life, i believe, every year. time saving, we all need to save time. so, also, a lot of people are talking today about will and jada picket smith's daughter, willow. she's 9 years old. >> she looks lik
coat, shoes, umbrella and then some. >> meteorologist justin berk, one more time. >> you may be seeing rain more than five or six times in terms of how much we may get today. a lot of issues with the remains of what was once tropical storm nicole, had a long life span. it's going to have every little bit of a tropical feel with wind advisory, gusts of 45 miles per hour today. flood watch, heavy rain, also for tide coming up the bay. and a tornado watch in the area until 1:00 in the afternoon. all right, in addition to that, rainfall already over two inches in some spots. could max out at over five inches in some places today. flooded already an issue. heavy rain will continue all day long. we have one band pushing through right now. heaviest of the rain sliding up the chesapeake bay. kent island, graysonville, heading up towards extreme eastern baltimore county, middle river right now, over towards kingsville, getting the heaviest of the rainfall. we'll have bands of rain and slugs of moisture as you see the bottom of the screen, another push of those deeper red shadings coming up from
troopers had water baloons thrown at hem. the alleged prankster, -- prankster, justin bieber. kai reed has that story. >> according to police, the video is a teen singing sensation justin bieber before his state fair performance. police say bieber ran up to a maryland state trooper and threw a water baloon. in all, two were hit by baloons. in the background you can hear someone say "you're going to get locked up." police say they are filing -- investigating charges at this point. >> my experience tells me if anybody, be a be they a celeb or otherwise, threw a water baloon and hit a police officer, they are probably in for some real talking to and some real yelling at, but i'd be surprised if they were actually prosecuted. >> bieber, before a sold-out crowd at the american state fair , threw the baloon. representatives for the singer have made no comment, although police did not file an incident report. >> my guess is they are not going to prosecute any or arrest because it is justin bieber. >> technically it is a crime. >> for most people it is just a childish, you sure as he
this afternoon. our traffic update now with kim brown. >> thanks justin. this morning we have traffic jammed across the interloop span on the key bridge and only one lane getting by at this time. expect a delay there. a struck pedestrian at ritchie highway and 9th avenue. no delays or problems there. that is a five minute trip. about a 3 men it right there. no issues on the top side. you're going to see traffic moving pretty well here. no issues on the harriersburg expressway on warren road. traffic looks pretty good. megan and jamie back to you. >> if you went to bed and you didn't know who won the race for top prosecutor, things look good for burnstein but we still don't know who won. linda. >> reporter: even though it looks like burnstein has won, an cen tee ballots have not been counted and they will be the deciding factor in this race. both camps say they will regroup this morning to look over the results. burnstein has 49% of the vote. 1400 votes separate the two. there are still thousands of absentee ballots that have not beenouted. they will start tallying those votes on thursday. 16
. officers say 15-year-old justin pinel was just a block away from home when somebody opened fire on him. now, this all happened tuesday night in the 6800 block of central avenue and capital heights. tonight his family held a vigil for the teenager at a nearby park. justin's sister believes somebody killed her brother for his bike and ipod. >> you couldn't get mad at him. you couldn't get mad at him. you couldn't. there was no way, no way in the world that you could have -- >> justin's family said he spent a lot of his time rebuilding bikes and loved to play basketball. again, no arrests in the case. >>> tonight the death told may be climbing in the fire near san francisco. police fear a missing mother and daughter were killed. that's in addition to the four folks already confirmed dead. you're looking at the fire from last night, and the flames streaking into the sky. turns out a gas line ruptured. the flames shot more than a hundred feet into the air. >> everyone was running in the street. >> couldn't just stand there, because. >> crews are still going house to house, but they're hoping the
. meteorologist justin -- we've got some mad, bad weather. >> we do need rain. >> see my pin, justin? >> nice introduction, birthday-boy, appreciate it. we have bad weather rolling in. currently it is located near cuba. the fact that something near cuba of a tropical nature could reach us in a day or day and a half is in and of itself astounding. been really trying to work over all these computer models. there are a bunch of solutions. tropical storm nicole may reach maryland by tomorrow night or sooner. heavy rain will spill out ahead of it. either way you slice it, name or no name, two to four inches a guarantee, higher amounts possible, that's why we have ourselves a flood watch, at least through tomorrow evening. it appears as if we're mostly cloudy, high thin clouds, there'll be sunlight this morning, but the clouds will thicken up. look at the slug of moisture down the east coast. focusing on florida and southbound for what could be tropical storm nicole. increasing cloudy sky and showers arriving late. a high only 71. here's kim brown with a look at traffic. >> fortunately that rain's
up hours ago for the show. it starts at 7:00 tonight. justin has been a draw to this year's fair. a baby calf born today at the fair, get this, was named jus n justin. i'm sure justin bieber fans will get out in any weather. likely they have a treat. >> nice weather for the rest of your evening, on your sunday. labor day is looking good. it's going to be a beauty of a day. another day on the way with spark sparkling blue skies. how long will it last? how many ways could you have enjoyed today east weather. you have volleyball. way number one. light breeze is out there. just enough. if you have a boat, beautiful day for sailing. or if you're adventurous. you could be this guy. this thing would pick much up off the ground in two seconds i would be airborne over the potomac. he never got off the ground. i don't know what he's got in his backpack, but i suspect it's about 50 pounds of led. that's a great looking way to spend the day outside he certainly enjoyed it. beautiful weather outside this afternoon. current temperature a beautiful 80 degrees outside right now. the dupts have
coming in at 75 degrees. this is exactly where justin is. this is where he is currently so the temperature at 75 degrees and the dew points make it feel like 81. winds out of the northwest are at 11 miles per hour. this storm that you are seeing right now on the atlantic satellite starts to move closer to us. we're looking at it now. you can see us becoming a little on the raggedy side. a little ragged. it's not as put together as we saw yesterday. we can't see the well defined eye from a couple of days ago. that's good news. that means the system is weakening. the winds now sustained at about 105 miles per hour. you can see it here moving to the north-northeast at 16 miles per hour. it is 219 miles now southeast of ocean city, maryland. this goes back into motion here. we can see it is downgraded once it passes us to new england into a category one. so this is definitely good news. also, we have a live web chat on hurricane earl. all you have to do is log onto i'll tell you more about the hurricane. we'll follow all of that. justin has the latest. ' but first
. >> justin, not much in terms of incidents or accidents so far. we are seeing some increased volume and a little bit of slow down on the area roadways. we'll get a complete check of traffic when good morning maryland comes back after this. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. >>> this is your abc2 news to go. >> today a couple who we know very well is going to be on capitol hill. they are going to be talk about the dangers of distracted driving. >> a truck driver was texting behind the wheel. the story is so sad. and now they want something to be done to prevent this from happening to another family. we will have that story in just a minute, but first, we'll get a check on weather.
songs. >> we love justin bieber! >> you know who we need to talk to? the parents who had to go out at 7:00 a.m.. >>> fans were given wristbands and they were given out on time so they could go at different times. whichever color you got had to do with your seat. >> he closed with hotel california. >> i'm sure. justin bieber plays the eagles. >> do we have any shots of him performing? >> we'll see at 6:00. >>> today expect a lot of traffic around m&t bank stadium. maryland and navy are squaring off in the crab bowl this afternoon. the schools are only 28 miles apart, they rarely play one another. baltimore officials, along with the ravens are working to try and get the two teams to play one another every year. these games kick off at 4 oovenlth -- 4:00. >>> bring on the yanks. the orioles took the weekend series against tampa with the rays yesterday, 8-7. the orioles have a chance to shove the ball into the playoff chase. since they earned the race, what can they do the next three days in new york? brian matusz will get the ball in the bronx. >>> all right: the holidays are over, kids ar
. but first, let's get the message on your weather. here's justin berk. >> all right, we're taking a look outside, maryland's most powerful doppler radar. as you can see, we are quiet this morning. that may change this afternoon with scattered showers. right now let's go to the mta and check with mark jones. >> reporter: good morning from the mta. out there right now, heavy volume of passengers on the 13, 22 and 19 bus lines and look for the 27, 35 and 36 to be about 30 minutes late. the 10 and 30 taking a diversion at light and pratt. light rail metro subway and mark all look good for travel. from the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. [ male announcer ] it's sunday afternoon. time for football on verizon fios. the nfl in 100% fiber-optic hd quality. that's a good start. but what's this? i can check my fantasy stats without changing the channel. and get an alert any time my team enters the red zone. and then watch every red zone play on nfl redzone. watch out couch, you've got competition as daddy's favorite. it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 8
want to know what it's going to bring to us. >> justin berk has the answers. >> we already thought earl peaked. we wake up with it knocking on the east coast doorstep, it's gotten stronger. winds measured at 145 miles per hour. that is a very strong category 4 storm. not just minimal for deep within that range. it appears as if it's actually expanded in size. going to about 230 miles away. could hit the north carolina coastline. at least tropical storm force winds. this will stay away from baltimore and that cold front to our west will help push the thing off the coast. until then, here we go. this is what earl means to maryland. beaches under a tropical storm warning. guaranteed there'll be tropical storm conditions within 36 hours. by this time tomorrow, when i'm standing on the beach with christian shaeffer. joce sterman going in for full coverage. we have waves between 10 to 20 feet expected off the shoreline. there may be flooding, about three-foot tidal surge. some of the water works off the chesapeake bay. coastal flood advisory for western shores of the chesapeake, not immediate
. justin berk now with the latest. >> good morning to you, this is a busy morning here, we have a lot of stuff to talk about, we'll talk about the immediate area and get to the tornado warning to our south, may have an impact on anne arundel county. not under a tornado warning now. they may be shortly. we're watching a strong, strong storm. the remains of what was once a hurricane, i'm sorry, tropical storm nicole, it's going to feel like a tropical system here with winds gusting to 45 miles per hour. we have a wind advisory, we have heavy rainfall expected, uh, on average, probably between 2 to 5 inches, even higher amounts likely. and in between, the possibility of some tornados. i had one report from one of our weather watches on the eastern shore, they had lightning extended, which isn't common with a tropical system. we have a tornado watch until 1:00 p.m., all the orange-shaded counties in maryland which include carol, baltimore, harford, cecil, down through howard, anne arundel, and off towards the eastern shore. those pink counties to our south, calvert and st. mary's. that's
. >>> justin watching such names like karl, julia, igor. good morning, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. >> thanks for joining us, thursday. >> hey listen, i'll be in cumberland tomorrow, broadcasting live on our on the go. i have my winter jacket ready. >> me and julia, down by the studio. >> simon and garfunkel. >> i feel like i'm in a barber shop this morning. we're not going to look at extreme chill any time soon. mild morning, thanks to the increasing clouds. small chance of clouds. if anything, mr. costello, you'll knee the waterproof jacket tonight. do you think we'll get a lot of rain out of there in time for you to go out in western maryland. wet weather in the tropics. karl hit mexico, back over the water, strengthening, you've got hurricane igor at 34. currently 56 degrees, your start point on the thermometer and bel air. let's see what's happening on the roads right now. >> well from cumberland to cambridge and from cockeysville to columbia, everything's looking pretty good so far on the roads this morning. we don't have any delays or accidents. just fire activity in glen bu
, ♪ ♪ baby ♪7baby ♪ i ♪. >> reporter: that is one of justin bieber's big songs. if you're waiting in line, 8 or -0 hhurs ooernight. they entered at 5:00 p.m. and sang and screamed the night away..3 90 minutes on the stage for justin bieber. he did have to stop as people ú%re throwing things near the stage and had tt back off. thhy had a greet ttme. for more, we were here with eleanor, with 4h, you think anything but robots. this? -p>> 4h is about cooperation, tm work and tractors, ven. if you think about itt if you ooen up up a tractor it's for ú% reporrer: let's show off3 you have had competitions with some of these stuff, too. >> e compete all over maryland ann virrinia. the last few years we made the world chhmpiooship where we competed againss teams from china, japan and all over the world..3 >> reporter: very cool. %-yours.are going to come after these are not combative ones. what are yyu trying to show here with this robot. >> we're showing this year's ú%mpetition, game called round off. you ppck up the doughnuts and put it on the hole. >> reporter: we were messing with thisson
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